Stress reduction, relaxation and positive problem solving are processes that have been solving and processes that have been described scientifically as well as clinically.


To embrace military service members who would benefit from assistance in returning from warfighting operations.   Provide debriefing programs for veterans and their families. Aid those experiencing challenges in transitioning back to civilian life.  Provide a safe place to work through trauma, heal, and move forward with even greater success in civilian life.  Provide the tools and techniques to more effectively and successfully through PTSD towards a brighter day.

About Us

Founder & President Joy Jangdhari. In 2002 Operation Dare To Care (ODTC) began, with the goal of assisting military personnel and their families in stabilizing their lives and coping effectively with daily pressures.  Currently, "Operation Dare To Care" activities focus on providing educational presentations and outreach programs for military personnel and their families.
         Topics include stress relief, positive problem-solving techniques, relaxation, visualization, and somatic exercises.

The information and examples are presented in a non-academic and straight-forward manner, designed to be immediately useful.  Presentations are given on-site within military family communities. Seminars, workshops, discussions with individuals & private groups are available.  ODTC  assists in creating on-going support groups within the military family communities.

Operation Dare To Care provides several programs for veterans and military personnel currently serving, to help those who are experiencing problems dealing with the daily challenges in civilian life.  We also offer help to family members.  These programs are offered as a special service to the community.

Education for the mind-body connection

Healing Our Vets MInd-Body Group for PTSD - A 12- Week Program

Healing Our Vets Mind-Body Group for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:

If you experience the following symptoms you may be suffering from PTSD

Flashbacks- Nightmares- Intense distress and physical reactions to reminders of events- Symptoms of avoidance and emotional numbing - Loss of interest in activities and life in general - Feeling detached from others and emotionally numb- Sense of a limited future.

 This special 12-week program, which incorporates an extensive Mind-Body model, can provide the tools you need to feel more in control of your life and hopeful once again.


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-Mind-Body- Education for the mind/body connection

-Build their own (min) homes

-Technology for your psychology 

Mission to unifies and embrace all soldier who need help from coming back from war.  The ability to establish a connection with the community and build a deprogramming center for PTSD victims for vets and their families.  Have a safe place for our PTSD  victims to express what they are wanting and feeling.  The vision for a safe place to heal and move through the trauma that keeps them stuck in the past.  The hope we offer through their economic crisis. We use the cutting edge programs for our community and vets! 

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Family Integration Programs 

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